Oracle sued by Labor Dept for paying White Males more than other workers

In the complaint, the department says Oracle paid white male employees at its Redwood Shores, California headquarters more than female and non-white workers with the same job titles, even when taking into account for experience and seniority.

At the same time, according to the complaint, Oracle was far more likely to hire Asian applicants - particularly Indian people - for product development and technical roles than black, white or Hispanic job seekers.

The two points above taken together illustrate why a lot of high-skilled H1B immigrants feel particularly aggrieved by current legal immigration situation. All those Indian Techies referred to above get preference for tech jobs because they are paid less than their white male colleagues. Indian techies on H1B can’t change jobs due to Green Card backlog and employers take advantage of this loophole.

Just give people automatic green cards if they have a master or above. Problem solved.

Or model the job based immigration similar to that in Canada, Australia and UK. In these countries, an individual applies for permanent residency directly with the Govt without being indentured to an employer.

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I am always surprised how come the Aussies and the Canadians always seem to have better governments than we do…

Well, new government could use this case to shut off H1B or reduce H1B quota since this data proves that H1B is used to reduce wage.

A dangerous case. The same data can be spinned differently. Is Obama government trying to provide a case to shit off H1B?

Or does Obama government want to force Oracle to hire more white/black/Hispanic and less Asian? Should oracle hire people based on the national racial percentage, state racial percentage, or Bay Area racial percentage? Or based on the worldwide racial percentage? If Obama is a true globalist, he would find that Oracle should hire more Chinese, Indonesian, Pakistans and African.

Will I be sued for employing a cheaper Hispanic gardener, rather than pay more for a White gardener?

Did you sponsor the cheaper Hispanic gardner’s work visa and promised US Govt you’ll pay this person same wage as US workers?

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Simply put, Oracle and other employers should stay true to the intent of H1B program and all the statements they file with US Govt when soliciting foreign workers?

I think this case is noteworthy in breaking the widely prevelant stereotype that only India based offshoring companies misuse H1B program. However, don’t interpret this as “all” US Tech employers misuse the program. I know for a fact that all don’t!

You could be sued for knowingly employ illegal immigrant. Also if you always hire Hispanic gardener, white/balck/asian gardeners could complain and ask the government to sue you for racial discrimination. But if you are not super rich, nobody will bother They can easily sue Meg Whitman for hiring illegal immigrant nanny instead.

This case is an Obama nonsense. It should be withdrawn.

Obama hired a black relative as nanny to take care of his kids in the White House. Is there any discrimination involved? Did he consider a white, hispanic or asian nanny? How could he favor a relative for the best nanny job with a fat lifetime pension?

I am not surprised to see Oracle violating the law. It’s an evil company. Its CEO was so eager to kiss Trump’s ass it’s embarrassing to watch.

Why? Because you know for a fact they didn’t violate the law?

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Every company violates the law, including Obama. Its the fault of the law, not the fault of the people. Junk law and junk lawsuit. We can sue everyone and everyone could do nothing but suing and counter-suing.

We can check this forum and sue Manch if he statistically responds different person differently, that’s discrimination and what else. For example, he responds 90% to A but 10% to B.

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Really? How do you even prove a statement like that?

So we should abolish all laws and live like animals? If you like lawlessness you should move to Syria and Somalia.

Are you suggesting a lawless anarchy as the solution? I hope not :grin:

And do you know something more about this case hence linking it to Obama?

To me it seems like a straight forward case of a company caught breaking the law. About 10 year ago, I had heard from an Indian ex-colleague that he left Oracle because he found out his White peers were being paid substantially more than he was. And this person now had a Green card so he moved on. I didn’t pay much attention to this comment then but this news today brought back that discussion and I feel Oracle probably did this to one too many people. Labor Dept probably got too many complaints and finally decided to investigate.

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It’s everywhere. If Obama is serious, he should sue the white street firms.

Discrimination cases are notorious to prove. So I think the Justice Department must feel they have an exceptionally strong case in their hands to take on Oracle. But wait a second. Oracle CEO Safra Catz is serving on Trump’s transition team. So maybe the case will get mysteriously dropped come 1/21.

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So it’s a political witch hunt on the last few days of Obama White House? Labor secretary will be replaced in a few days by Republicans and they still want to revenge Oracle for its CEO.

Then it’s a disgusting political witch hunt. We have too many junk laws. Once we have enough junk laws, we can put anyone into jail if government wanted to do it. If you talk, work and live for 2 days, we can definitely find something you do wrong. If needed, FBI can talk to your wife and if there is one instance you forgot to explicitly ask for a written approve for sex, they can lock you up for rape!

Obama seems to be very provocative. It could back fire. But I really hope the new government can deregulate and remove many junk laws.

Hardly news…Oracle has been notorious for 20 years…

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Obama appointed a Latino civil rights person as the labor secretary.

This lawsuit reminds me of one stupid Latino SF supervisor.

This case is only a political backlash and it has no chance to win. He filed the lawsuit 2 days before he leave office, apparently in a attempt to plant a trap for the new administration. When the suit is withdrawn or lost in the court, they can find an excuse to crititze the new government. Why did he wait for 8 years, do thing but file a lawsuit 2 days before leaving office?

I’m sick of the professional politicians. We should have a law to forbid people doing politics as a profession.

Obama acts like an activist, not a mature man. He single handedly created a political environment for Trump to be elected.