OT: Best Thing Obama Ever Did In Both Terms

restarting relations with Cuba!!! Wifey and I will have to go check out the cool vintage cars there before ABC stores overrun the place…:slight_smile:


And now you can smoke Cubans legally.

I thought someone was trying to make them illegal here based on health concerns. I think I saw a petition going around to stop the law that would do it.

I think cigars are less harmful than cigarettes? And we are poised to legalize marijuana this year. So cigars should be the least of people’s concerns…

I don’t think so because they’re not filtered, but honestly, it’s all bad, so to me it’s like “Ok, Cuban cigar with carcinogens once in a while to go with the cigarettes with carcinogens. Is that a big deal?”

I do think all cigs and cigars should have a Prop 65 warning though :slight_smile: