OT: Heck, I Didn't Know A Lot Of People At My Wedding Too

Uh, can I have my wedding gift back???

It’s just a normal business transaction. Groom probably forgot to pay the cops which was why he got arrested.

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That’s at least better than hiring a fake wife or a fake husband though…

Better than one of my cousin’s wife walking out of the reception and calling for a divorce because he decided to pass his last hours of freedom having a shot of tequila with me and his friends. :scream:

Uh, seriously???

Why pay for these folks? If you need people reach out to your home village…

Exactly!!! Isn’t it a tradition for you folks (it is with my family) that if for example you go back to visit your village that you NEED to dole out plenty of red envelopes and PAY FOR A BANQUET DINNER for the entire village??? Of course, exchange rate is favorable but it still adds up. My Mom said people were coming out of the woodwork, saying oh I knew your grandparents…so what to do? Here, have a red envelope…

Yes. The were dating for about 12 years, then decided to get married. We went to church, then to the reception and there, since she didn’t allow us to throw him a bachelor’s party, we convinced him to stay with us, we challenged him to have a beer with each one of us, our goal was to have him drunk until he went home crawling. He liked to drink though, so, when his dear wife came all smiling to tell him to enjoy a moment with her family he told her he was so happy with us.

Fortunately, she knew me, so I had to chase her for about 3 blocks begging her to stop, and then I made her understand it was not a moment for any conflict. She returned to the reception where we decided to tell my cousin to go to his wife’s side of her family.

They divorced a year later, he couldn’t stop drinking. :scream:

See, the take-away from your sad story is this: brides to be out there, just let your hubby to be have his one last day of fun. Perhaps nothing too raunchy or over the line, but just let him get it out of his system. You both will be better for it…

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