OT: Interesting Food Chatter In Asia

What is the composition of the judge?
What are the criteria used? Presentation, taste, uniqueness, etc?

Guys, please! I am trying keep my diet, you guys are making me hungry!

Stop it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3 Singapore restaurants in the top 10 but haven’t visited any of them :joy:

And with The Donald in charge, I would not step outside this Fab country even if your hair is red, white and blue…


Is this a restaurant or something else???:grin:

  1. Eat Me, Bangkok, Thailand

Many restaurants in Bangkok have extra services, don’t tell your wife.

Won’t this contradict WB’s rationale in investing in Airlines? How can drop in tourism helps Airlines? Travel within USA would increase? Hmm… ok, may be I should consider buying some Airline stocks.

Wifey is unfortunately up on how Asia works…I can’t ever go to Asia alone, remember???:sob:

No, no, no, I really am here for the food…