OT: Now This Is Worth Investing In!

Tell me the stock and even I will buy it!!!

Singapore has this type of app since day 1 of iPhone allowing apps. You can see all the traffic cops nearby.

Waze app (google owns now) has the capability. People whoever uses waze update when they see cops on road which is available for others to know. After a period of timeout, unless someone’s vouches/thanks, the cop location is erased from alerts. This is almost real time in US. There has been protest from Police side remove reporting, but google does not heed to the request.

Waze accuracy is high. Not only cops, but waze alerts all accidents, routes the path or redirects to non-accident path etc. It shows average speed of the roads, very useful for highway traffic.

It is more than a GPS !

Man, you guys/gals are on it!!!

Just follow the instructions… pay the meter and don’t got over the allocated time.
To me, parking fines/fees are a part of the price I pay to drive. Some people get so worked up over it. Relax.

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