OT: Sweet, Dungeness Crab For The Holidays!

Woohoo, fresh, live dungeness crabs should be hitting the stores any minute/day now!!! Sweeeet!!! What a way to make up for last year’s sorry late season…Nothing beats cracked dungeness crab for Thanksgiving!!! You can keep your rubbery lobsters to yourself…dungeness crabs are way better!!!

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I used to catch my own, but my buddy sold his boat…Nothing like live fresh caught crab, eaten just steamed warm…Cold cracked crab is for tourists

Yes, the old school way, steamed and not covered with junk to essentially mask the delicious flavor that the crab meat on its own provides. I will go with the standard dipping sauce of cooked ginger/salt in oil. My fancy shmancy wife though has to have hers either roasted or with black pepper that is supposedly famously done back home. Why do all that?

I am asking for it (since it is controversial, but banned locally now) but the same thing with shark’s fin soup. People used to “ruin it” (IMHO) by adding a touch of cognac or some other liquor. Why? Isn’t the taste of the shark’s fin (if real) good enough on its own? (No PETA responses needed, I haven’t had real shark’s fin in awhile…)

Chile crab - Singapore style!!! Awesome, Sweetie!!!

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Please, not again!!!

Well, you are just left with other type of crabs, the itchy ones. :rofl:

Don’t let me down, I’m hosting Thanksgiving again!!!

Be there, baby!!!

Hallelujah!!! Sorry, turkey, you’ve about to be downsized…

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Crab out, folks!!!

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