OT: The Real Race

Come on, forget the Donald vs Hillary thang… food, fast food, is more important to debate…

Personally, I did not have a Shake Shack burger when back in the Big Apple to see if it is that worthy but I would like this writer to try a Habit burger to see where it would stand. Would it be a Gary “what is Aleppo” Johnson (loser) or a Hillary (presumably the winner)???


I think Shake Shack is coming to our beautiful state? Is it Bay Area or LA? I forgot.

Please, Aleppo Johnson is a loser.

So Cal… Boooooo!!! (and I love UCLA…only)

I need to visit LA just for food…

For those in the Pollo Loco culture, go and try Pollo Campero in SF. I think it is located on the 26xx on the Mission. You won’t regret it.

OK! I do miss Pollo Loco. The closest one in SF is over in Oakland!

Just curious, is Pollo Loco considered “authentic”? I see lots of Hispanic folks at the Story store. I like their chicken.

I ate that darn pollo while I traveled “illegally” through Mexico for 10 darn days in 1990! It is like eating tacos in Mexico.

Try Pollo Campero, you will love it.