OT: This is gross


Can you imagine if someone created the cockroach equivalent of a dairy farm and , all those cockroaches got out of their pens?

Fresno would be …well… :relaxed:

That would be gross!


Thanks for not letting me hang there without a response…:slight_smile:

It is a tad gross and why I thought this was appropriate for a real estate forum is beyond me. I will just chalk it up to a brain fart.

I owe you one…:wink:

This statement is funny.

It’s related to real estate.
It will create more jobs, lots of jobs. You will need plenty of hands to grab a roach one by one and milk them

…and more homes for sale…:laughing:

And then there’s Cricket chips:


BTW: The URL on that article is totally misleading. Nothing about the cockroach milk containing human proteins!

Dang it! I was picturing myself milking those little roaches…:laughing: