Outer Richmond District

Personally, I like the Sunset more but Richmond District is also hot…

Question on Richmond: how do people there go to work? If they work in downtown or SOMA how long does it take to commute from Richmond?

Well, my buddy drives and pays for parking in downtown. About 250/mo but getting scarce and more expensive. Most people take the muni, most likely either one of the buses on either Fulton, Geary or California streets. There is express version of the 38 Geary during commute hours and probably others. I imagine we are talking a half hour to an hour commute depending on where you are starting in the Richmond.

Ok, Chinese pricing strategy in play on this 4/4 in the outer Richmond… Good luck!!!


OMG, what do we have here??? Looks like a former duplex made into a monster modern house. But, look at that pricing. Come on, really? Do you honestly believe the magic 8’s are going to save your arse? Don’t think so… (price drop already…)

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So greedy… how about $1.888M? :rofl:

Who with a 3-4 million dollar budget wants to live at 34th and Geary?

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Why not??? It’s almost Sea Cliff… :rofl:

Exactly. I probably would have made two very nice modern units, but then again how do you get anywhere near +3M??? It will be interesting where this one lands…




Gosh, still pending… pending what, winning Powerball???


Ok, we have our first casualty for 2018… this was pulled