Palo Alto for Young Families

I guess it depends.
I got to know a family through my daughter.
Both mom and dad were stanford professors and they lived in Stanford. They told me that they had bought their previous home in LA but didn’t like the neighborhood and moved to Stanford because people were very unfriendly toward them. (For example, neighbors didn’t say high when she greeted them.)
They were intelligent, successful and sociable Indian americans.
It was 10years ago, so maybe things have changed.

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PA has always been snobby and unfriendly. Don’t take personally. I think it is city policy. Their Head plan checker always treated me like shit. In fact I even hired his cousin to no avail. They hired a young Newbie plan checker who told me that I knew nothing about engineering. I had been working longer than he had been alive. I decided it was time to retire.
I truly believe that Stanford and PA people are just basically unfriendly. My wife’s good friend who we took to Russia married Larry Page’s brother. We haven’t seen her since. They live in College Terrace. Used to a fun student area. Now full of tech snobs.

Stanford University kids are always being told they are exceptional. The ones that are don’t need you , the ones that aren’t act snobby to cover up their insecurity

My wife has a masters degree from Stanford. Does not care about PA at all. Healthy attitude.

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If I have a kid I would not want him/her to go to a PA school. Too much influence from snobs.

Much better to have a kid who snobs people than be snobbed.

Disagree. Snobs are not necessarily well off. Some blue collar people are snobs. PA is just highly concentrated with a particular type.

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Well, you’re welcome in Redwood City! We’re snobby, not snobby, white color, blue collar, rich, poor, and ethnically diverse…sort of.

Is rwc mostly white?

Lots of Latino apartment dwellers. Homeowners generally white.

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What elt1 said. Some Asian, not-much African-American.

But I’d bet the White/Hispanic split is 50/50 or so. Which I think counts a bit as diverse.

Diverse but segregated is worse.

It’s not really segregated except North Fair Oaks which is becoming less Hispanic.

Northfairoaks will get gentrified. It is already a nice ish place.

Yeah. Already is. I know a white couple that spent $1M for a house there couple of years ago. I had to bite my tongue. The houses were $500K when we’d first been looking.

Rwc: white,Hispanic,Asian: 44-38-10.

Owner occupied rare: 50%

Is it a high risk for rent control?

Yes. North Fair Oaks was working on trying to get rent control (possibly just for their neighborhood, not sure). But there are definitely calls for it.

The sad thing is these people not realizing that it will just cause NFO to gentrify faster :frowning:

Everyone is only "relatively happier wealthier/healthier " to others. Look up and you can feel miserable and look down and you’ll notice that even Louis 16th wasn’t living like you are living today. He didn’t have access to fast planes, or korean cusine or excellent chineese food and I can go on.

My point is , in a heathy community the kid would have a chance to get this realization himself. It has White Collar, Blue Collar, Teachers and everyone. The kid growing up in such a community would have the realization of theory of relativity early in her life. Some people goto Disney for vacation or some went to Paris , some stayed home. Some kids live in Multi family housing and some live on bug houses, some are renting…In such an environment kids would have basic understanding that “Its All Good” and they will turn out to be happier individuals.

Btw, I know a community just like that :slight_smile:

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It’s not necessarily the kids that are a problem but the parents. If the parents make comments, the kids learn to see the differences.

Though some kids have bad cases of “the wants”. In that case, parents are justified in not exposing their kids to a cohort that takes all their ski trips in the Swiss Alps.

At least 2/3 of my kids don’t care.

The difference w luis was he had power. Id pick his life probably over some millionaire in the valley :slight_smile:

Yeah, but Luis lived a life where economic, political and educational inequality was much worse

Luis also didn’t have the theater on shoreline where u could watch a movie sitting on recliner :sunny:

You can be cloud-9 .anytime it’s just a matter of changing getsalt