Palo Alto mayor Patrick Burt fires back at housing critics

Great interview. So many choice quotes… :smile:

How about this?

Curbed: But look at what those duplexes and fixers cost today. I couldn’t afford a place like that.

Burt: It may be out of reach for someone like you, but not for young professionals. They can and are making those purchases.

This one is fair though:

Burt: My point is, she can’t afford a home like that, but she could afford a starter home, or a condo. That would not be cheap either, but when my wife and I came to Palo Alto we rented half a duplex, just a little more than 500 feet. Then we overpaid for our first house, a two bed, one bath place that was quite dilapidated. And after ten years we were able to buy a slightly larger home.

Botton line is the mayor wants fewer jobs. You heard that right. He wants fewer jobs so you don’t bug him with building more houses. If all the Silicon Valley towns think like him there won’t be no more Silicon Valley in 20 years. Perfect example of killing the goose for the eggs.

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Sound like what I have gone through.
Rent half a duplex for a year, bought a town home and then upgrade to a SFH.

Clearly children are the problem. Those cost parents a ton of money. They cost local governments a ton of money. That’s why they don’t want housing.

He did not explain why PA does not want to build up those natural land and bay land which is more than 50% of the acreage.

Are there that many jobs in PA?

I think he’s exaggerating the number of jobs there in PA. I see Sunnyvale and mountain view aggressively bulking up their commercial buildings. I mean they build tall and big buildings. But PA? Mostly mid rises not even four stories tall.

He wants to keep PA as a niche for the ultra successful crowd just like a Farrari… Pay to Play!

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Ultra rich already have Hillsborough, Atherton, Woodside and Portola Valley.

Please leave the rest to the middle class.

The answer is: Retroactive birth control! :yum:

“We want metered job growth and metered housing growth”

Yes. Nirvana through government. They are our betters and have all the answers. Just bow down to central planning and control. The Russians did for almost 100 years. And look how that worked out.

PA is a lost cause…Let the snobs keep it. .No one on this forum lives there…There was one on redfin that used to give me grief…but no proof he actually lived there…