Panic in housing market as Trump effect pushes mortgage rates to 4%

Was I not pushing the lower rates quoted from my broker Tracie awhile ago gang? You snooze…you lose…

Uncertainty is just bad for business. Nobody knows what Trump will do, including Trump himself.

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Well, obviously with each second there is a new report of The Donald’s projected hirings. Quite frankly, the only one really controversial is Bannon right now correct? I am hearing about a possible female hire and a openly gay hire…then there was word that he spoke to the China leader over the weekend and that issue of tariffs did not come up. I think at the end of the day, he will do the right thing. I will be an optimist in this hour of darkness with all the rioting and protesting over technically nothing yet.

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Unfortunately, Global news threaten Trump??? Wtf? Without CCP approval?

Maybe we ALL are overthinking this. First of all, he has family and grandchildren. I don’t think he would F things up so badly where it would jeopardize his future family generations’ safety, wealth and name. Now, I expect him to protect his kind (the rich and powerful) but that to me is the norm anyway.

Funny all the predictions were wrong. And Trump is even worst than anyone thought possible…


We all underestimated how incompetent Trump is. In a way that’s good. That limits the Republicans’ damage to the country.