Paragon RE Report Q4 2016

Lots of goodies in the report. I will just highlight some. Go read the whole thing.


I expect SFH price in SF to flatten out further or even inch downward, so maybe a move between -3% to +3%?

Oakland is still where the action is.

Rent is going down fast.

Owner ratio is actually not that bad outside of SF and Oakland. 57% for Santa Clara county and 59% for San Mateo county are not that far from US average of 64%. Contra Costa is actually above average.

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What’s the “central San Mateo” exactly?

Brulingame to Menlo Park. the chart shows the definition.

By “central San Mateo”, they exclude Daly City, brisbane, san Bruno, south San Francisco, Pacifica, half moon bay and even Millbrae. I think Millbrae should be included at least.

Should Daly City be include in lowest cost SF?