People Are Leaving San Francisco For These Top 10 Places



Why are people not sleeping today?


I need to get some sleep! Need to wake up early tomorrow… good night everyone :grin:


Gotta watch premarket


Huh? Another question that show you don’t know me? I’m a night owl. While I’m in college, every night I went out around this time to disco till 4-5 am, miss classes and yet get a degree, that B Eng (EE) many people seem to fail, miss graduating at the top though, I’m that smart :crazy_face:


The gap isn’t geographical. The gap is the top-tier tech companies with the best comp to the lower tier tech companies. Do you think HP comp is remotely close to Apple or a Google?


Fine fine, I was saying it more tongue and cheek anyways. Median you’re probably right, it’s more like 30-50% jump in comp depending what part of country you’re coming from which doesn’t offset the 200% increase in housing :slight_smile: