Poll: How much will BA RE fall?

Seems most people agree we are, or will soon go into correction. How much will the price fall, peak to trough?

To make it more concrete, let’s focus on the 101-corridor between SF and SJ. Middle tier SFH’s, whatever your definition of middle tier is.

  • < 5%
  • 5-10%
  • 10-20%
  • 20+ %

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“Not enough”

Do I hear 50%?

Not enough voters.

That would be enough. But I doubt it will fall 50% :frowning:

Time frame?

I think it is already happening. I see more corporate sublease signs going up, hear talk from friends of layoffs.

We are thinking maybe a year and a half from now to buy.

Peak to trough of this down cycle. I think most people predicted it’ll last 2 years or so?

Usually most people are wrong, so either less than a year or more than 2 years.

There could be significant range depending on location. But a 10% drop is not a big deal…Inventory is key…still very low historically but definitely up from December’s all time low. Definitely softness in the highend…Redwood City has 15 houses over $2m…probably a high, but only 67 total active…Historic average is around 250…But $2m is entry level in many Peninsula cities so RWC is still a bargain…Wait till average DOM goes over 150 then prices may drop…Brexit and Trump could tank the economy. …

Recession is already started i think, senseamp maybe right. just his timing might be off a few weeks

My friend who worked at FB said certain groups within FB already started having hiring freeze.

But I agree with elt1, since I’m in the market (buy), the inventory level still plays a key role (i.e. not many good homes to choose from, not to mention those with competitive prices)

Good staging and photographer may be the best bang for your buck, but I assume you’re still living there.

Err… wrong thread? :joy:

Yeah… so weird.

This is the time when badly located, odd lot and weird layout have a hard time to sell unless discounted a lot like 10-20%.