Potential Flip?

Given similar size homes sell north of 1M.
Do you see potential in this?

Yes, it has potential at the current price. But can you get it at this price?

Few issues.

Bart line is exactly behind the house. I do not know how much is the impact, like disturbance and value of home.
Triangular lot, expansion not possible. No value to the large land.
Priced to low to sell, need to look at to estimate the fixes.

For flip, I would suggest stay away unless you buy,fix, rent hold for few years and sell. Appx rent estimate is $3000. With 4.75% interest rate (primary home rate) or 5.5% rental home finance rate, cash flow is not attractive.

With such money, easy to get some good condo and rent it.

My guess is less than or around 850k (wild guess without seeing any fixes, based on 75 fav and 34 rejections in redfin)

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Makes sense

at least 100k more.
fixing may take another 100k. Totals to 950k
Going by current trend, may sell for 1.05M, just a guess

Then it will be a terrible flip. Don’t do it…

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