Predictions for 2017, 2018, and Beyond!

Go read the whole pdf doc:

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Up up and away!!! :rofl:

Don’t eat the whole cake, share with me. When are you going to find me a great deal in Concord?
Is this house, 4325 Briarcliff Ct, 95421, any good? What price should I bid at?

Another prediction for next year is that less expensive areas will see increased demand from many buyers who are priced out of other in-demand locations.

To me, that says parts of Fremont before Concord…

Looks good. Go for it! I wouldn’t offer more than the asking. If you lose the bid then just go to the next one.

For all of you buy and never sell people, Why would you care about prices going up? I would think you would like to have prices remain low so you could buy more properties. If you are always leveraged to the max to buy properties it is a dangerous situation.

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So if the price of your house goes down you would be happy?

That comment was only for the buy and never sell crowd. And yes, if I had just bought a house and the price went down i would be happy to pay less taxes. If I was never going to sell I would not care about the price.


Houses are not stocks. For stocks, you want prices to decline while you’re accumulating with whatever savings from your paycheck. Once completed accumulation, you pray for prices to increase forever :grinning:

For houses, declining prices mean you might be asked to top up or face foreclosure. My preference is gradual appreciation so I can raise rent gradually too, renters don’t like sudden big jump. This is one of the advantage of houses in Austin, gradual appreciation, gradual rent increase. Here, house prices appreciate so fast, not only can’t raise rent, renters figure is better to buy than to rent and pressurizing rent to drop because so many for rents, so few renters but so many buyers, so low inventory.


This guy, owning properties by the hundreds told me once “The value of investing is in the price you pay, how fast you turn that money over, how you get out of taxation, and never concentrate on the selling price but your quick return, liquidity is the king.”

So, RE investing can be as convoluted as the 9-11 conspiracy.

I’ve always said it, I don’t get happy about real estate going higher than normal. It involves so many things, personal things, and the angst of many people wanting the sainthood of home ownership. I am not good at witnessing that, period!

Besides that, I see many homes coming into the market. I saw one too many of them being ready in ESJ. Some commanding $680K+. Nice area, by the mountains. I regret us not buying over there.

Talking about running a business?

Prices going up is good for the economy. .More tax revenue and more new construction. .Prices going down is an indication of a sick economy and at worst a depression

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I am one of the “buy and never sell crowd” and I care about price is because that is how I could cash out refinance them…