Predictions for 2017 housing and mortgage

There are a lot of predictions for Southern California. It’s surprising that there are so few research or predictions for Bay Area housing market. Are the housing economists in Bay Area all recruited by tech industry and no one is left to make predictions?

LA has famed economist making predictions. BA only has poorly eductated realtors giving us prediction. LA seems more elite than BA.

Same story in all coastal cities. .Constricted supply and growing demand. .

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Prices in SFBA are now completely dependent on:

  1. Employees of software companies;
  2. Chinese buyers from China; and
  3. H1B/Green card buyers.
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You forgot to mention liberals. …Manch says they are flocking to these liberal coastal cities…lol…There must be a few lefties left fleeing the decaying midwest and East coast…Afterall pot is now legal only in the west…