Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino


haha i have seen it. not buying a single thing utnil i buy something for primary. i’d prefer to buy in willow glenn than svl, maybe. nto sure, what do you think? Idea is to buy and build when have money in there, and maybe sell.


We overrate the smartness in the hot money guys. Be the high flying VCs or real estate investors. Too much money too fast leads to greed which leads to risky bets. Money blinds the brain. Smart people miss the leading indicators all the time because of group conformities.

SV will continue to lead other cities by large margin in Tech investments. More and more innovations will be churned out as newer solutions will be retired at pace never seen before. Tech is soon going to consume tech after destroying the older traditional business models. Other cities are taking the handowns in tech operations and lower level developments.Not innovation.


Why can not you buy SVL 1015 havre ct as your primary? This has 8800 lot size, better for rebuild or add-on.
Second, why willow glen? It is far away from your work unless you move to Diridon station near by office. If you ask me, SVL or WG, I would vote SVL as craziness is there. I missed SVL spot when I left one home for 1.4M in 2012.


I found sunnyvale noisy in general. Criss crossed by large streets. Sam mentioned its a bedroom community. Does the noise in main streets goes down after 7:00?

what are the disadvantages of living next to a large busy streets such as Evelyn,Fremont, homestead, Wolfe? Can’t enjoy the backyard because of noise? Have to use more A/C as cant open the sliding doors and windows? The houses along these streets are discounted because of noise factor?


I understand the noise at Evelyn, Fremont and Homestead etc, as they are busy road.

Do you see noises at 1015 havre Ct? This is court lot, 8k+ lot, preferred locations.

When home is not in move-in condition, I always see deals as few buyers are there to take risk. 10% cashier check is added benefit as many will not be ready to put down 10% upfront. Again warren buffet saying “When others are fearful, be greedy…”

Only risk is how much to fix it to make it move-in. You need to inspect, get to know, budget it, buy it.

This home is excellent choice to make it primary, buy this court location, square or rectangle lot, beautify it then live or tear down rebuild (cost more, last option).


Not looking into primary in svl. I would probably buy a cheaper larger lot in sj than svl when/if i have money. Still thinking stocks as first step though after i buy primary.


I wasnt talking about 1015 Havre Ct. I was responding to tomatos comment on 1014 Yorktown


If you have all cash, the havre ct house could be a good deal. Getting financing for a probate sale is not straightforward, especially if there are mold issues in the house. I came 2nd in a probate sale 3 years ago. Boohoo…


The plymouth love goes on it is p3nding.


This home now has a proper price. I dont know if his buy price of 2.1 wqs a deal and he is selling it for slightly more. Doesnt seem to have a remodel. I would also argue pre-staging photos look better.,-CA-94087_rb/
@BAJacket 1.5M overbid no mo!


I guess this one is tough to sell/challenging, let us see.


If it wasnt a great deal back then, it came at a bad time due to slow market. Will probably linger :slight_smile:


Previous buy was also wrong , the current seller paid heavy price at that time. Since this is sellers market, he can easily escape. Any way, this is one of the corp investors.


Price reduced to $1.4M


This is so close to junction of 101 and 237…
It is like living between two major highway.
I don’t think primary home buyers are interested in buying it. Investors are also not interested in buying in today’s market either.


Folks what are the issues with Zero Lot line houses? Are they priced cheaper because of some reason.


They are condos that’s why


In addition + bad schools + terrible staging…


I toured one SFH that has a zero lot line. Its wasnt a condo. Has one wall close to the lot line and next house but has a backyard and side yard. The wall was not shared. Realtor mentioned that its a zero lot line house so it may be price better. Is that the case usually? What are the concerns here?

We aren’t interested in the house but the zero lot line part was new to me so just trying to obtain some more information.


Privacy one important issue.

  1. We do not want to see window (one house) to window (other house) views
  2. Near by wall blocks lighting to the house
  3. If you make loud voice or TV sound disturbs the neighbor. Yes, you can hear voice and they can hear you too.