Prefab Homes are Trending, But are They Really Worth It?

Reviews may suggest that they are hard to sell. Many of the finance companies wont finance them, or so I read…

It depends on the foundation and other issues. I’m having one built in Marana, AZ. One of the considerations in engineering the foundation was making sure it would be eligable for VA loans. Generally there are fewer problems with cookie-cutter homes than site-built as everything has been standardized and all the bugs are out of the design. My primary considerations were cost and logistics; this is a get-away and not an investment although I’m amazed to see the growth in Marana every time I go down there.

How’s the weather down there? My friend who lives in Phoenix but summers in Tahoe said it was 115 degrees. Lots leave in summer.

This will be my “beta site.” For getting my desert fix when I’m tired of the mountains, for chasing after reptiles and for hiking into the Tortalitoes. It can can get wicked hot in the summer - maybe 105. But spring and fall are mild and the landscape is beautiful. High Sonoran desert, not desert scrub. There is a huge difference. Late spring is when all the wildlife is out. I think I already posted pictures but here they are again. The first two are cell phone shots and low contrast; it looks a lot nicer.