Prefab homes aren't new..Here are some 100 year old ones

Tiny prefab homes can built quickly…25,000 tents and shacks were built in 1906…All we need is political will…We could have 100k prefab modular homes built in RWC at the Saltworks location in one year

Remembering earthquake shacks, San Francisco’s original tiny homes
A magnitude-7.8 quake hit at 5:12 a.m. on this day 111 years ago, resulting in immediate need for housing

As a way to help the rebuild of San Francisco’s housing stock, the earthquake shacks were essentially rent to own. Tenants paid $2/month (take a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor) toward the total cost of $50. Once the cottage was all paid off, the owner had the responsibility to move it from the camp to a permanent location.

In a happy twist of fate, the program enabled lower-income residents to become homeowners for the first time.