Price estimates - Los Altos Edition


Are you saying that our weather in SJ is 15-20 degrees higher than PA (with extrapolation)? :slightly_smiling_face:
I used to live in PA (close to bayland) and now live in WSJ. The temperature difference is more like 5 degree max IMO.
Just compared 10daya weather forcast between PA and LA/CU. Between PA and LA, temperature difference is 1 degree and between PA and CU, it is 3 degree.


woop woop.

i have seen this at their open house when it first sold this year.

sold: 3.4
now: 3.25


This is the perfect house to determine how much the market has shifted from the peak. 3.4 seems high for 6k sqft west of foothill.


Yeah the house condition was good, but too small lot and too close to foothil. Close to downtown, though, so i give them that.


You know how people here love to beat up bears. You’ve been warned. :smiling_imp:


Price drop!


500K price cut! On the right side of El Monte!


damn! that’s cheap now!


Buyer’s remorse?




I never have buyer remorse.


Thoughts on what this one is worth? Perhaps our resident LA expert Potato can comment.


Legitimately surprised it didn’t sell… Looks a bit smaller than usual 10800sqft lot, but 2.8-2.9 would have been my low end guess. 3-3.1 would be what i woul dassume.


Potato, now is your chance. Yes, it’s a small lot but seems like someone stole this to me.


Still went for the original ask.


It’s clearance time in Los Altos…


Excellent choice, if we get at list price !