Price estimates - Los Altos Edition


ya… i can sorta see that… but then the picture looks too recent to be from the 70s


Ok, well, that’s the best I could do… :rofl:





OK i did a google image search, its 黄俊雄


Never heard of him. I don’t know any Singaporeans. :smile:


Still prefer his real pic despite all the wrinkles. Change it back!


My mom says pregnant women should not look at animal pictures. Otherwise the yet-to-be-born kid will look weird…


Who’s pregnant? Your wife?


No. But there must some pregnant ladies on here, no?


You did that? When?


Slightly more effort to google search… but still able to find:


@hanera will need to change again :rofl:


I don’t know any of these people. Are they all 2 hit 6s??


So what are the best facial and physical features to differentiate between Chinese and Vietnamese people. I can differentiate between Chinese and Japanese easily though I struggle between Japanese and South Koreans sometimes. More so for the good looking ones.


Lift it higher!


With what? Sky hooks and balloons?


This is the same height as a tv-above-fireplace :slight_smile: they can probably use skylights/beams to lift right below the ceiling.


Beautiful home, next to freeway. Gets a price cut.


time to buy?


I have seen 10%-15% drops. It might be. I have seen 5 people “not be priced out” and buy.