Price estimates - Los Altos Edition


look at you! knowing which side of el monte is good or not :stuck_out_tongue:
Brand new home, still. Also covington is busy, but not a bad location.


I learned from you.


Sold for 2.71 (probably cash). Did I win anything? :slight_smile:


a cookie :slight_smile:


OK, this one is on the right side of El Monte. Numbers is bad karma for Chinese so maybe you can get a discount?


Too close to el monte, but likely to go around 3.4+


You in?


3.4 - 3.5 is about right. El Monte is not the biggest issue. The church behind is is probably the bigger issue.


Right side of El Monte. Is this price good? No internal picture. House must be crappy.


Price is rather high, hmm.


Poking holes into your “market softening” theory?


Why is church an issue ?


yea, a bit. los altos barely slowed down, but 3.8 looked high.


noise. they have activities, some has child care, busy ones gets traffic noise, sundays are for events - the one on castro/church has very busy sundays.


@tomato listed many of them. But to add to that, privacy and also some cultures do not like to see a cross from their house.


You seem to be developing an interest for N Los Altos, planning a move there :slight_smile: ? This does seem high, but it is in the “golden triangle” and on a large lot in a very desirable part of N Los Altos.


One of my dreams at some point is to buy a former-church, or a former-firestation and convert to a loft/industrial home.


Nah. My wife said South Bay is too hot. I am just learning from you guys. So that’s the golden triangle?


Palo Alto it is then :slight_smile:


That’s exactly my point. I think the temperature goes up like 5 degrees between Redwood city & Palo Alto border. And then another 10 degrees between Palo Alto & Los Altos. I don’t go anywhere near "Sunny"vale. :slight_smile: