Price guesses - Burlingame edition


Looked beautiful. Thoughts?


Meh, corner lot and no yard. Some of the finishes look mediocre.

More excited about the old one on Adeline that just got a big price reduction. Also a corner lot unfortunately.


guess on the price then :slight_smile:



Paid 1.76, guessing 1.2 spent on the remodel.


on the one you posted?


No on yours. I think Adeline will go around the new list but haven’t seen it in person.


The lot on adeline is small :frowning: the other one is at least 9k to make up for its corner status. both look nice.


Houses near 1900 Adeline were selling for at least $1100/SF, I would guess it will at least go above asking.


Check its price history :slight_smile:


Why are you even checking out Burlingame? Isn’t it kinda far from MV?


I am all over bay area, but you are right:

For primary: MTV, PA, LA
For other investment/entertainment: burlingame, san bruno, mateo, carlos, burlingame, hillsborough, belmont, menlo park, svl, and sj :slight_smile:


Are you looking for an investment property now?


Maybe it’s just me, but I never find checking places like Hillsborough entertaining. Big hats are meant for big heads.


i enjoy seeing nice homes.




I don’t daydream, sorry. Aim high, but the keyword is realistically. Plus I am not into big houses and don’t care for places like PA. Just like how I don’t go to open houses if I am not in the market. To me it’s a major waste of time…same with these price guesses.

Whatever makes @tomato happy I guess.


:slight_smile: it is called procrastination, that is what i do.


@tomato brings his wife to see houses all around Bay Area to confuse her and hide the fact that he’s just slacking on his number 1 task.


I am starting to think that maybe his wife is not the problem. It’s very possible that @tomato can never make up his mind and keep fantasizing on these 3.5M houses…which he can afford but that would mean putting all his resources in one pot.


Putting every single cent into a 3.5M house makes little financial sense. Its growth rate will suck compared to houses half the price, not to mention the stock market.