Price guesses - Mountain View Edition


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IT’s the view i didn’t like, IIRC. Again, this was like what, 5 years ago?


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I think I’ve only been there once and thought the chicken was too dry.

What view? It’s a grocery store.


Need to get you a larger sampling size.


Because as if you didn’t have enough offers already, you need to raise the price!


Just participate in the bidding, you will know the answer !

Answer is opposite

Since too many calls and too many pre-emptive offers would have come with this Redfin hot home, they have increased price !!

With this situation, the final offer is above 2.15M as of now!!!


Too many offers, let’s say. It’s already been 9 days, don’t know when they took the offers, but i presume yesterday.

That part of mv is not good :confused:


Normally, listings are there for two weekend open houses for wider visibility.

You never know the competition unless you participate in the bidding. Things are changed after feb 2018, too many crazy offers even though open houses are not crowded . FOMO is there with buyers.

My guess is From redfin hot home algorithm. Once Redfin hot home comes, I really see bidding war


I am seeing much less hot homes these days, which is good i think :smiley:


But that may not be an indication for market slowing down.

Real slow down starts with stocks down trend coupled with interest rate hikes that results massive lay offs.

Unless mass lay off starts, no one can expect real estate deals in Bay Area


The overbids will be less than they used to be.


The market has definitely slowed down in the last couple weeks. This may be a caused by buyer fatigue which was seen in 2016 and 2017 (at different times of the year).


Fatigue doesn’t mean a price reduction, necessarily. Could just be stabilizing to the new norm.


Looks like sold for 2.05.


Best deal in Mountain View sold off market…




685 Ehrhorn went pending. Surprised. It was not worth 1.85 late last year. Now it appears to be worth 2.


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