Prop 6, the gas tax


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I was talking about middle class. It’s not clear how many people in poverty are citizens. Only citizens can vote.


Gas tax is a good way to get money from non citizens and people that don’t pay income tax. Let’s see how liberal people really are. Raise the gas tax to $2. Give the money to the homeless. The state will turn Republican immediately. The current 12cents is the camels nose under the tent.
Meanwhile I buy gas in Carson Costco. $2.89/ gallon


Rich people are thrifty and like a good deal just as much as anyone. Shoot, filling up my SUV is what 60-70 bucks? If I am at Costco, mind as well wait for some gas too. My neighbor just told me he saw a guy in a Ferrari filling up at one of the cheapest watering holes (non Name Brand) in San Bruno.


Gas is taxation in your face everyday


Still, don’t you wish you could convert that Highlander to a EV? A full tank is not cheap…


I make more money on my gas stocks than I spend . Besides highlander gets 24 mpg costs $1500/year for gas


As I said, this is not something I have noticed in other states. Maybe all the thrifties live only in Bay Area.


Keep in mind that in the Bay Area especially our gas prices are noticeably higher than other states too. We never seem to get the price declines that you hear about, but sure seem to get the bump ups when some fire in some remote refinery happens…


Exactly… that’s the point - when related to the topic of this thread.


Yeah, I know, but even in the absence of the tax gas prices in the Fab 7x7 are way higher than they should be in my opinion. We just get gouged on pricing for everything. I mean, I seem to recall going to some semi remote place like Tahoe once and while going up the mountain I saw a gas price that was lower than in the Fab 7x7. Come on!!!


Most SF people have no cars. They voted 82% Yes on gas tax


See, that is the problem with the Fab 7x7 residents. A high percentage of renters and public transit takers. Where are all those rich outsiders that were supposedly moving here???


I have 2 cars and I voted no on prop 6. Love my :train2:


How to drive keeping sanity for people in SF :slight_smile: ?


My Mazda has blind spot monitoring. I used to hate driving in SF. With that traffic density I was constantly getting double-beeped by my car as the most polite lane change I could accomplish still violated the computer’s safety parameters.
Gas at my local Chevron in AZ is about $2.90. Once a month I use my Safeway reward points and fill up with their gas for about $2.50. Oh and Tom Steyer’s attempt to Californicate our energy production here went down on flames, thank God.


SJWs from CA are coming to AZ in a few years with their ideas :slight_smile:


We rejected a proposition to legalize pot last year so that should keep them out for a bit.

Prop 6 election night results for core Bay Area and selected other counties
County Yes No
San Francisco 19 81
San Mateo 32 68
Santa Clara 34 66
Alameda 26 73
Contra Costa 36 64
Los Angeles 40 60
Orange 56 44
San Diego 53 47
Fresno 52 48
Kern 58 42


Note that higher No percentage in Alameda County than in SMC and SCC.