Prop 6, the gas tax

Alameda has Oakland and Berkeley…

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More Yes means more crime. High crime counties voted more yes. Low crime counties more No.

There are more union workers in SF, Oakland and Berkeley.

Also there is a high degree of geo correlation between Prop 6 and Prop 10.

Fresno and Kern are low crime?

Gas taxes discriminate against the working poor, commuters and rural areas.

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While CA will gas tax us to Prosperity. :grinning:

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What’s Macron’s economic policy anyway?

All fire and violence should be condemned.

I don’t like French. They always go to streets and do bad things :rofl:

Maybe mob rule from the Revolution is stil in their blood

Their unemployment rate is 9.3%.


There’s a lesson here for anyone supporting any sort of “universal basic income.” Even in countries with the strongest social safety nets lack of employment and a dependence on pity money from others breeds hatred and violence. It’s not just a question of “I have, you have not”; the implication becomes “I can, you cannot.” It’s demoralizing, degrading, and dehumanizing.


Sound like we cannot reach utopia, humans are condemned by their own mindset to slave for money. Please give me UBI, I’m ok with that. Attaining utopia for the human species is more important than my own self esteem. Can UBIs be given to those who are willing to go through humiliation for future generation?

North Korea is a real utopia. It has the best equality and no street riots.

No one would worry about economic bifurcation there.

In other news CA voters welcome the gas tax/Prop 6 and screw themselves and then escape to other red states to screw them too… :smiley:


God, I hope not - at least not for another 20 or 30 years. Moving is a pain. And…I took this picture off my deck three hours ago. The sun was in my face so it’s mediocre.


More protesting in France…

“I guess what’s specific to this movement is that it is relatively apolitical, so they (the protesters) are not from just one party on the left or right. They’re white, middle-class people that are squeezed by the welfare state. They pay a lot of taxes but they don’t get a lot of benefits in return,”

“And I guess if there are other people in other European counties that face these same challenges then obviously it could become a bigger movement.”

Wow, it’s shocking that people are getting upset about working hard, paying a ton in taxes, and watching their money given to others. Their unemployment rate is close to 10% which is insane but not entirely surprising given regulations, taxes, and generous social programs.


Bay Area, in comparison is increasing all the bridge tolls and high gas taxes + higher registration. This will affect negatively the poorer people who stay further away who drive to their employment locations.


This means a political change. Seems ripe for France to turn right. It happened in other European countries already, but French use protests instead of voting to express their frustrations. It’s scary that it’s a middle class movement.

Here you go…



After last month surpassing $4 for the first time since 2014, gas prices stood at an average of $4.10 a gallon as of Monday morning in the Golden State, according to AAA. The next closest states were Hawaii at $3.64 and Washington at $3.53.

More than Hawaii. Ridiculous

Here in northern AZ $3.25 is expensive and some stations are still at $2.90.
And of course the level of services - from roads to police - is light years ahead of what one gets in CA.
I forget if I mentioned this but the mayor of Payson was at a Q&A and someone asked about the homeless in the parking lot at Walmart. The mayor was 15 or 20 seconds into his answer when I realized the question referred to one (1) homeless person living in their car with a kid. The mayor had dealt with it.

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