Pros and Cons of Downtown Homes/Condos

Just happened to notice a small condo unit. What are the Pros and Cons of having this as investment property?

I know the issues of Condo, HOAs. Downtown crime rates are high.

Would like to know whether such location, near by SJSU, is good or bad and also appreciation point of view.

That’s more SJSU area than actual downtown. You aren’t going to get the high-income professionals there. You need to be walking distance to San Pedro square which is the center of the action. In that area, crime rates aren’t high at all. The zip code 95112 is very large N/S and includes the area S of 280 which is a higher crime area. It’s actually a really oddly shaped zip code.

Personally, I’d buy in plant 51 for investment. It’s the closest to Diridon. It should benefit the most from BART extension to there.

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Many times, I was seeing nice homes in cahill park areas. They look better, but did not know that location benefits !

On 380-S-11th-St-95112 street side, I am skeptical as it is near by coyote creek near by. I do not know how much flooding impact at that location.

Cahill park has tandem garages which I hate. I’m also not a fan of the 3 stories high for that small of sq ft. That’s a LOT of stairs which isn’t going to appeal to everyone. I think that Diridon area is going to boom now that the A’s moving is off the table. It opens up all the land bought for the stadium for redevelopment.

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