Quora: how can you significantly cut down your regular expenses?

His analogy is sexist, implying women are more desirable than men.

I used to live in West Menlo. county area. Four doors from Atherton. People assumed I lived in Atherton. Same schools. Same neighborhood.

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Why did you give up that paradise? Oh wait… because you felt like a man in a dress… see @Terri I was right all along! :slight_smile:

Dude, elt1 is just not the dress wearing type…

we’re at a point have to write out common sense in an article haha

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When more people get educated, common sense would become as rare as gold :joy:

Precisely. That’s why he left. :slight_smile:

Do you own a house in Atherton? Otherwise, you could fall into the same category :rofl:

If someone is hosting a get-together in an Atherton house, I would be interested :joy:

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Atherton is full of miserly old people. Not a fun party place. I used to have wild parties at my place 30 years ago. The neighbors hated me.

Time for you to move back :smile: