RE Photo Taking Advice From A Pultizer Winning Photographer

Love the intro about the clicker…(RIP)

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Or, just hire a pro.

Come on, Mr. Money Bags, not everyone can just hire a pro for everything. This would be one area where you can DIY and put that money saved into the very important staging expense. Come on, when burnt out houses sell for over 3/4 of a million dollars, even decent pics should be enough.

In the peninsula it’s pretty common for the agent to pick up the costs of marketing materials, professional photos are part of the package.

I believe Redfin goes one step further with the matterport 3D tours.

Is this something you would request from the agent as a free extra, or do they offer it to all clients?

Agree the 3D tour makes a (much) more effective listing compared to the photographs taken “in memory of…”

The virtual tour really gives a better sense of the space, especially if it has multi-levels:

They offer it to all clients. The agents out there that have a brand follow this. If the top guys are doing this the rest should follow.

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Given the ease of selling and the high price->high commission, I should hope so.

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If you want to see some bad RE photos that were real…

House in great shape! Be sure to bolt the furniture to the floor.