RE pros see recession by 2017

How many of those “pros” called the last one? Low sentiment is bullish.

I am surprised the guy didn’t cite affordability as a reason?

For the record I will bet $100 with anyone: we won’t have a recession in 2017.

I think a recession in 2017 or 2018 is more likely than not.

Been predicted since 2012…Trumps election will gaureentee it…Pray for Hillary…

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I’m praying for Hillary.

I am surprised the guy didn’t cite affordability as a reason?

For the record I will bet $100 with anyone: we won’t have a recession in 2017.

I doubt that there will be a recession in the Bay Area, But there could be one in the country as a whole.

That’s a nifty little graph.

24 days later, and stocks are at an all time high

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Macros are widow makers. Everything makes sense on paper. It always does. But real world has a nasty way to upset even the nicest theory.

Like who would have thought Brexit would turn out to be a non-event for stocks? The whole world just shrugs it off like it’s no big deal.

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As long as FED is not increasing rate, there is no recession, either for economy or for real estate.


San Mateo county RE still doing well…21 average DOM…106% sales price over asking average…Inventory still historically low…only Atherton has a high DOM…

After visiting those places, I really see the effect between HB to Sunnyvale, prices are sky high, this includes Redwood city. Among all the places, Redwood city looks better.

Looking for Condo or Town homes and I hope we may work out a plan before Dec 2016!

Revisiting this thread…Stock market at all time high, inventory still low…unemployment low…All bullish…A OK, except for the Trumpster. …So are you going to buy Jil ?

Should I buy in WSJ now?

My son was confused whether to stay in the job or move out of the current job. Finally, he decided to stay on and agreed to buy a primary home after Jan 2017. I am helping him, down payment, to buy a primary home.

The biggest issue is that he does not have credit history as no loans were attached to him !

I bought a willow glen home last Dec 2015. There was a home, in the same street, sold recently $200k above my purchase price. The sold home has same lot size, but living area 150 sqft less than mine.

Cupertino places were stronger even during 2008-2011. If you find good home at WSJ, why not buy? Waiting makes you hard.

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Does he not have any credit cards? That’s nice of you helping him with down payment, although he will probably appreciate the house more if he gets it on his own without help IMO.

He may appreciate it more if he gets it without help but saving up for a first home in the bay area could take a decade and by then he would likely be priced out.

It depends on how badly he wants to own a home and what types of sacrifices (in terms of spending) he’s willing to make to become a homeowner. I don’t think it will take decades to save if he wants to buy a starter home in a modest neighborhood. If he wants to buy a newer/nicer home in a highly priced neighborhood then that’s another story.

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He was not comfortable carrying credit card as he needs to pay on time …etc. He does not have any credit cards nor car loans nor student loans.

He used debit cards so far. After getting job, he applied for Costco credit, but they declined stating insufficient history.

Now, I asked him to get secured credit from the bank ! He needs to build his credit history in 6 months, then can get mortgage loan, I hope.