Real Estate Agents Behaving Badly? No Way!

Interesting story from our neighbors up North. We should follow Alberta’s lead. Agents there can represent both sides, but can not negotiate for both. How they police it would be interesting to understand.

This follows that recent home sale that I went to where it was fairly cheap (major fixer) in SF. Hoards of people waiting for the open house to start. Clogged streets, OMG. Offer date was the following Monday. A couple of days in, pended already. I call the agent. Oh, owner decided to accept offer. Ok, me thinking who would turn down a great offer? I wouldn’t. Sells at 600k??? I look at the Redfin info, and what do you know, that agent apparently represented both seller and buyer…no wonder. Owner was stuuuupid or again had skeletons to hide in that place. No reason to not just wait until Monday, 8 days later!!! My god, people would have given you easily 100K more if not way more. Where in heck is someone going to find a bonafide SFH in SF proper for under 700k? Nowhere!!!

Pretty sad…

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