Real Estate? Buahhh! Write a book, will ya?

You haven’t learned to invest my friend, really! So, just join the government, cry, lie, discriminate against your peers, cheat, act like a 5th grader, then play victim and write a book.

What are you waiting for?

Fascinating book from Steve Bannon. It will be a bestseller. Great idea, same as dumb Sarah Palin.

Yes, the book became a bestseller even before it was read by twhitler. Wait! He can’t eve read English! Gee! A Russian candidate fooled us big time, didn’t he? :smile:

We have a nut case in the white house according to the book.
No doubt about it. :smile::smile::smile::smiley::smiley::laughing::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:

There are more nuts, those who believe in a nut throwing tantrums and fist fights, and insulting Americans, and destroying our democracy, and on and on…’s-mental-fitness/ar-BBI8zim?ocid=spartanntp