Real life SF story, here you go: personally netted about 3MM post-taxes after the sale of my company

Here: FIRE means Financially Independent Retire Early.

personally netted about 3MM post-taxes after the sale of my company

BTW: This is not my story, Do not think I made 3M+ by this…

I could see Financially Independence with 3M, but not sure retire early part. What would you do? Even if you buy a 1.5M house in cash, you have the obligation to Uncle Sam. And you gotta eat and hang out with your friends. If I were him, I probably buy primary residence around 1M and invest the rest to give me passive cash flow. What about you guys?

@Jil, After complimenting on how wise you were I really thought this was your personal story…:wink:

Certainly impressive but yeah not sure about being able to retire COMFORTABLY at least around these parts. It is just too darn expensive around here, for everything. This person is single though so def less wear and tear on the old pocketbook. In another part of the world, probably can retire and live pretty well.

Another thing is, if this were an older person I can see the desire to just say enough of the rat race, me done. But a young person who obviously has skillz, I am not sure he(?) wouldn’t get bored real quick. I mean, your friends are probably still working so it is not like they can hang with you everyday right? Chances are, someone fairly bright like this will hopefully find another challenge or startup venture to tackle. It def would be a nice problem to have…

Rent a 1Br/1Ba condo in SF, invest the rest in some dividends paying stocks (e.g. AAPL, VZ, JNJ, PG and PCG). With ~$10k per month pre-tax, plenty left after paying tax and rent. Go Pokemon hunting :slight_smile:

You are perfectly right, Financially Independence does not mean retirement.

Here is the regret story Confession. I hit financial independence and I got really depressed.

Even if it is old person, can not retire, but they need to have some plan to reduce work, spend extra time on whatever they intent to do.

Mostly, wise ones will go to passive income, spreading the investments like hanera mentioned or engage a Financial Planners to draw one.

I have seen many of my 20M+ friends are actively working, some have turned to VC funding side.

Agreed, stimulation of both body and mind is a necessity. I suppose doing something good for society would be well time spent like working with kids or charities/non profits.

Finally, somebody not that greedy to go out of his bubble and help society. Congrats!