Recommendation for hardwood flooring contractor

I’m looking to install hardwood into the house I’m buying. Right now some of it is hardwood and some is carpet. For various reasons, I’ve decided I’d prefer to buy unfinished wood and have it installed and then finished on site. Does anyone have a contractor they’d recommend who will do work in SF? Have been looking at Yelp but it’s hard to tell which reviews are genuine. Thanks!

I have yet to find contractors that I feel 100% satisfied. They always come with this flaw or that flaw. Going on Yelp is a great start. I find good property managers, plumbers and gardeners on Yelp. You can always find out more from the interview you have with them.

If you are Chinese, WeChat groups can be a good resource. There are many chat groups that focus on home remodeling and many Chinese contractors hang out there. You can get bids and referrals there. I found my last contractor there. His work is good but he didn’t pick up the trash and do proper cleanup after himself.

Yet another resource is San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection website. If you come across a great remodel job, say in an open house, and you wonder who did the work? Go online and search for their permits. Here is the URL:

Home Depot has a pro referral service: It bought out a startup called Red Beacon years ago. I used to see signs advertising that service inside HD stores. I don’t recall seeing any in my recent trips…

Some people really like Angie’s List. But I found the upfront subscription fees pretty off-putting.

That’s all I can think of now. Good luck!

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