Redfin adds climate change risk data to its website

Now when homebuyers shop on for a new property, a ClimateCheck risk ranking for fire, heat, drought and storm over the course of a 30-year period (the length of a traditional mortgage) will be available to users down to the county, city, neighborhood and ZIP code of properties listed on the site. ClimateCheck’s risk rankings span from 0 (very low risk) to 100 (extreme risk).

Maybe it will exert some downward price pressure on the hilly areas?

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i can tell you that we placed a premium living in the “flats” of Dublin vs the hills, though the views are amazing from the hills. When we lived in the hills of Castro Valley, insurance rates were rising. when I go running in the Dublin hills, all I can see is how dry it is. We went to Muir woods and lots of homes for sale around there - several people I know who live in Marin are worried about fire risk and leaving.

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This year we haven’t seen any smoke in the Bay Area. The Dixie fire that’s been raging is further north. Yeah, there won’t be any shortage of wild fires in the future. :scream: In CA wild fire is a much bigger climate threat than flooding.

Tahoe’s air quality is “hazardous” right now. The sun in SF is really orange now.

People will come to ignore it just as they do earthquake risk.

We went waterskiing on Lake Tahoe this am. The visibility was bad but no smoky smell. No other skiers was the best part.

does redfin display walking score?

War on cars and parking. Hosing without on-site or on-street parking.

Milpitas approves 84 affordable apartments near BART, Great Mall

it has been smoky in Dublin. today looks like it cleared up but crazy…

Only 21% contained so far.

Still in CA?

As an AZ resident I can’t understand why, when a fire is threatening a small CA town, they don’t just send in the hot shots and cut down every tree within a quarter mile of the place.
Works great here. Maybe Newsom wants to burn out all the rural Republicans before the recall. Since he can blame it all on globull warming it’s a two’fer.
On another topic, in 2014 California voted a 7.5 Billion dollar bond issue to increase water storage . This is drinking water, not AG. Water. The bonds were sold and the State hasn’t spent a cent of it . The last Media story about that was written in 2018. They’re covering for Governor Newsom in hopes he doesn’t get recalled.

California is blaming fires on PG&E. The state want to nationalize (take over a private business) PG&E. Another Venezuela/Cuba in making?

Likely. I’m just trying to keep the disease from infecting AZ.

It is bad. Hanging out on my farm making wine. The smoke comes here in Cameron Park at night. Then at 10am the wind shifts and sends the smoke to Tahoe, until late evening. Fortunately this reversal of wind is helping to contain the fire. 9% containment so far. It has basically been stopped at Hi 50 and Strawberry. Fingers crossed.

Wow it’s really close to Tahoe.

Good bye Tahoe, good bye SF :relieved:


Nothing can stop California real estate it seems.

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