Redfin as buyers agent in Los Altos/Palo Alto?

What are the chances of getting into contract in Los Altos/Palo Alto with Redfin (or other online service based) as buyers agent? From what I hear, the RA community is very tightly knit, so, wondering if using an outside agent results in lowered chance of winning the bid (assuming price is right)? Any insights?

I like agents who have done lots of deals in the target area. One thing you can do is go through say the last 100 transactions in the area count how many are done by Redfin agents, on either side of the transaction. Also check to make sure the sample of 100 only include houses in your price range. I think most Redfin deals are on the lower end.

Another trick I’d use is go to Zillow. You can search an area and see agents’ ads show up. Find the 3 with the most deals done in that area. Again, check to see if their price range matches yours. Interview those 3 and settle on one.

Awesome! Thanks Manch!

Different area different agent?