Redfin estimates

Redfin estimate are crap. The day before I put my townhome up for sale the estimate was 485k. The day I put it up they changed it to 568K. 2 days later it is now 542K. Nothing about it has changed except the redfin estimate.


At least they are willing to move up with your listing price. You don’t want your valuation to get stuck at 485k while your listing price is 550.

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Will history repeat? The one who bought for $4xx later sold it for $2xx. So the one who bought at $5xx would later sold it for $3xx?

All right, I see the 8’s in the listing price!!! Good luck!!!

8 is preceded by a 5. 58 :slight_smile: in Cantonese sounds like… :grinning:

I was aware of that actually, but didn’t want seller to have to relist it for just that… the last thing @sheriff probably wants to do is have a pricing history as poorly done as this classic case home in the outer Mission:

Redfin estimate is indeed crap. I actually think Zillow is better.

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yea, my house still estimate at below 700s while every one next to mine estimated over 900s. redfin is BS

Just sold it this morning to someone with a Redfin agent. Maybe it was one of you guys!

Looking over the title report I found something interesting. The person who bought it before me in 7/29/05 did not put a penny of his own money into it. No wonder it was a foreclosure.

Maybe because you bought it cheap? Redfin assumes that the house condition stays the same and it may apply the same percentage of appreciation to each house in the same neighborhood

Congratulations! How many offers did you get?

But is it really sold or just pending?

pending. only contingency is for the HOA docs. only 2 offers, but sold for over asking price.

It’s been a great investment! Congratulations!


Buyers still think there would be multiple offers of at least 6.

Congrats sheriff!

Did you fix that problem or sold it as it is?:scream:

I did not remove the popcorn ceiling. We were in a hurry to get it on the market.

See? I told you!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck “over there”. :wink: