Redwood City releases draft plan for relocating Docktown Marina residents

Redwood City on Tuesday released its draft plan for potential relocation assistance options and a relocation timetable for Docktown Marina residents.

The city has a legal obligation to close Docktown Marina in order to allow full public access to the land on which the marina is located.

Although people have lived on boats at the marina for decades, in 2015 attorney Ted Hannig, who lives adjacent to the marina, filed a lawsuit that among other things accused the city of violating the public trust by allowing people to live in houseboats at the marina. The city settled the suit in January, agreeing to set aside $3 million for environmental clean-up and to help relocate Docktown residents, if necessary.

The city is obligated to approve a Docktown plan by the end of this year and begin implementing it by the end of 2017.