Remember to Vote on March 3rd

I just filled out my ballot. In SF there are 3 races for Superior Court justices and 5 ballot measures. In the justice races, invariably there is one candidate, and sometimes both, with tenant friendly eviction lawyer background. I looked at their endorsements and picked the less extreme ones. On my SF ballot there are two housing related measures: vacancy tax on retail stores, and tying office building permits with affordable housing goals. I voted No on both.

Turnout will be super low in the spring. That means your vote will count for a lot more than usual. Go vote!


Which president primary candidate did you vote for and why?

I voted for Biden. Bloomberg has too many baggages. Being a billionaire is almost an original sin for the left. Sanders and warren are too left. Mayor Pete is alright but not sure America is ready for a gay president.


Cities don’t build housing. They just stop housing. The bd of Stupes have reached a new low of stupidity. Stop all restrictions on building housing.

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Biden needs a strong VP candidate as most probably in a year the VP will have to take over. :grinning:

Guys, stop bitching and start voting. Turnout will be super low so your votes will count for a lot more!

Voted by mail.

No to all bond measures.


Vote no on 13

Here is Trump on how cities stoped housing development 33 years ago. Nothing has changed

Someone on the La Honda message board posted this link with regards to Measure M, yet another school bond “for the children.” Someone responded not understanding why it had been posted.

Employee Salary Data 2018 | Open San Mateo County

This is bullshit. Another huge own goal for SF. We should start seeing more companies set up HQ in other parts of Bay Area like the Peninsula.


Mob decisions… :expressionless: