Remodel contractors in SF?

Hi all

We should be closing on a house in Glen Park in the middle of next month. The house is in good condition but we would like to open up a couple of walls, replace the kitten, move a bathroom and replace another one.

Does anyone have any contractors etc they would recommend?


I assume you are looking for someone licensed and doing things with permit? Because there is a difference in price… :slight_smile:

Yes 100% :slight_smile:

Sounds like major remodeling on an older home. I would definitely shop around. It will cost a premium these days to do it right in the city…

I don’t have any contractor suggestions. Maybe @sfdragonboy knows some?

Have you looked into the SF’s permit website? You can search by addresses and it will list the permits status of that house. So you will see which contractor worked on that house and such. If you have seen a house that you like, you can go search and see if you can find the contractors who did the work.

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great idea, not thought of that. Thanks

Yeah I wish I had a licensed contractor to recommend to you but I do not. I have used some for minor things where it was not new construction. The guy who did my remodel was ok so I wouldn’t risk my reputation on him.

One website I like a lot is I believe you can try to find a local contractor on there. I suspect high end but you may want that.