Rent Control Scam

MLS does not even list apartment buildings over 4 units. What’s a good site to see all the available apartment buildings for sale?

that’s not true. Even Redfin shows 5+ unit buildings. Here is an example:

But I agree, Redfin does not have good filters for “Multifamily”. is a bit better. (for agents) is a lot better.

Or you can go to

Sounds sweet. I think my letters of interest (and loan docs) always specify that no junior liens are allowed.
I don’t know how the lender would find out if you get a second a few days after the purchase. Could even be an unrecorded loan by a friend.

LTV typically 65%

Rates are 4% to 6%.

You know any good commercial loan broker?

For some reason I always hear people on Bigger Pocket say they get owner financing. Just wonder how that plays out in NorCal.

You’ll be surprised how many people have left units off the market. On our street in the outskirts of Chinatown I have 2 neighbors who simply left units off the market (after a family member left or whatever). They drank so much of @manch’s negative rent control Kool-Aid that they simply are too scared to do the landlord thingy. Fine, less competition for me means more money for me…