Rent recovery from delinquent tenants

For all the landlords here on this forum - 3 questions

a. Have you been able to recover any rent / eviction expenses from a delinquent tenant ?

b. Did you do it yourself or through an attorney or collections company like Rent Recovery ?

c. What was your success rate?

Thank you in advance

My dear landlords here are so gentile, so down to earth they never prosecute anybody. They just let it go. :smile:

Nobody ever recovers damages from tenants. If fact in the people’s republic of SF you have to pay them to leave…

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Cash for keys …at times it works …at times …

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@buyinghouse …it would appear so :blush:

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I have tenant currently that just disappeared. Texts weird texts once in a while. Says he’s out of town. I think he is in jail. Problem is he is friend and was my handyman… such is life in Tahoe…
I think I have to file a notice of abandonment…