Renters can't afford to buy

A new Zillow survey finds that 86% of renters can’t afford to buy a house. Maybe that’s the reason rentals are going up so fast. There is no rent vs. buy option for them.

I’m surprised that’s true at a national level.

Maybe because banks are still stingy about mortgages? Pendulum has swung too far in one direction. It’s time Freddie and Fannie loosen the underwriting guidelines more.

The banking system is the issue…Funny how consumers were hurt more than the banks by Dodd Frank…been a huge benefit for the investor class…Funny how liberal politics can’t get out of its own way…Elizabeth Warren needs to go back to school and learn remedial math…

And guess what their solution will be? …Rent Control…will only make the situation worse…How about allowing more market rate housing to be built by eliminating all building and zoning regulations for say 5 years…Problem solved…

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The US is turning into RentUSland.