Renting in Toronto Is a Total Nightmare

Trying to find an apartment in Toronto is a lot like online dating, only more demoralizing.

Ask Kin Lau. Normally, landlords would be swiping right on him. He’s got a perfect credit score and a good job. But last week he drove 40 minutes to check out a one-bedroom—only to discover another suitor had snapped it up first.

“Do people just not go to see the place before renting?” said Lau, a 25-year-old accountant.

Renting in Toronto is the hardest it’s ever been. Home prices have doubled since 2008, so buying is out of reach for many people. That’s pushed Toronto rents to record highs, approaching those in hipster Brooklyn and tony London. Potential tenants are so desperate they’re driving the streets looking for rentals and creating web profiles, similar to dating bios, to attract landlords. And prices are likely to keep rising given new laws that builders say discourage construction.

“I can’t take clients with mediocre credit anymore, because landlords don’t even look at them,” said Conrad Rygier, a broker at Keller Williams Realty Inc. “I’ve seen a lot of frustration. Downtown is just absolute craziness.”

Meanwhile small towns have vacancies and high unemployment. .Cities need to step up and allow more construction

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Didn’t Toronto enacted strict rent control recently?

The invisible hand is teaching them a lesson

Maybe our Ms. @harriet can take him in…can knock out two or three birds with one stone if you know what I mean…

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The early bird gets the worm. This guy is a total loser.

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