Renting to US government

Does anyone have experience renting to US government .
1.) they do one year lease with the right to renew for up to 5 years . That means you loose flexibility if you want to sell etc .

2.) they negotiate rent increase but you have to supply them with rent Appriaser in the area .

3.) they pay no security deposit .

4.) they can switch the rental from one family to another or even a bunch of servicemen or service women .

5.) they can cNxe the lease any time with a 30 day notice

Any experience to share ? Would you rent your single family house if you are at my place with the above things in mind.

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Give some thoughts @hanera .

The house I have in question is in Belmont , NC.

From your list, I don’t see any positive reason you should be renting to Government. The only one I see is you know they will pay the rent. But given these reason, my vote is “no”.

I agree. If there is no problem finding good tenants, then why bother with the government and the restrictions.