Retirees Returning!

Makes sense, its BORING in some of these places they moved to in the first place. @manch, I can see retirees wanting condos that offer elevators and security front desk personnel.

I still don’t know how the seniors climb the stairs and slopes in SF. Must be a hardy bunch…

Single level SFH is the best for seniors. If you can’t afford that, and approximately 0% does in SF, the next best thing is condos with elevators.

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Also, a big factor of where older people settle is grandkids. My wife would definitely love to hand around the kids and grandkids. And where do grown up kids settle? Big happening places like the Bay Area of course.

I am thinking those senior living communities might become really popular soon. These are for seniors who can live independently for the most part and can be active. There is one in Fremont that caters to Asians that we were considering if Mom wanted more interaction with others. Hey, with no kiddies around my wife or I may end up in one of these places. Seems ok, but not cheap of course. Companionship in all its shapes and sizes cost money…

Aging seniors also a huge issue for China…

I think China is doomed. They foolishly played with the demographic bomb and it exploded.

How come RE is booming?

Long term doomed. Demographics is slow moving fate.