Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


More roads and bridges are just playing whack-a-mole. We need more public transit not more roads.


Yes, a BART system that circled the Bay Area would be nice…:grinning:


No, we need more tech to move to East Bay. distribute the jobs, you’ll distribute the traffic.


"My vote was based on facts. Did the Treasurer make a reasonable attempt to contact the Presidio Terrace HOA [Homeowners Association]? A certified letter was sent and returned undelivered. I think before someone’s property is seized and sold, considerably more effort should be made to contact the owner.

If it was your property that was sold, would you be satisfied that the efforts of the Treasurer were sufficient? I was far from satisfied that reasonable efforts to contact the property owner were made."

I guess I have to say that this is reasonable. It’s not like the HOA moved and you don’t have a forwarding address.


The only problem is that this situation with the taxes being in arrears is that it happened before. This was not the first time. You know very well that most of the homes there are generational homes that families keep or have had for awhile. No excuse that everyone forgot about the first time it happened. I was just kidding, but after the first time, if I am an owner there I would have a huge “Post It” up on my wall in my marble foyer saying “IS THE STREET TAX PAID?”…:grinning:


Well, govement does make grave mistakes and negligence. What if this street is owned by a poor HOA whose residents have no such power?

It’s better to get rid of property tax to avoid such dramas


Ok, good theater for us in 2018!!!


Ok, let’s see if this lawyer has game or not…


SoCal carpetbagger… will loose


Ok, we have a vote for “Nay”…


I heard a lunatic saying something about shooting anybody back in NY. I forgot his name.

Or, being a felon and running for the senate.


Yoo is a “Super Lawyer”. Looks like he got game. But why dig a deeper hole? The SJ couple made a play and lost, fairly or not. They should now know who they are up against. I bet you 10 chicken wings there are more than a few high power lawyers living on that street.


They might end up doubling up their money for their troubles. Plus they became famous. Win win.


I guess I would want to review what exactly is the rule/law regarding the sales such as these. I thought I had seen reporting that the authorities or government can rescind the sales. But then again, if it is fairly clear cut and spelled out, why would they try if they didn’t think they had a case? Again, interesting case nevertheless…


I was at the courthouse steps auctions. Sales were rescinded all the time. My friend who lives on that street had a purchase bought at the courthouse rescinded. These amateurs should quit.


So why is this “Super Lawyer” needing to be an ambulance chaser if he were that good? Just stringing the couple along for some money and maybe spotlight?


Yep. They are naive sheep ripe for fleecing.
Why didn’t they hire a good lawyer before they tried to negotiate to sell the street?


Well, let’s see what happens. Serving on the jury for this one would be interesting…


Come on!!!


They have a point! It sounded very convincing! But it’ll be hard for me to donate even one penny… :rofl: