RIP Redfin Forums

And just like that, it’s gone.

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Plug’s been pulled, but somehow my wget is still going…

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At least we got some people off! Hopefully the ten I PMd will join us at some point.

As in life, you move on and you may find that your new home is as great if not better than the old.

Thanks again, Manch!!!

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Well, I think they turned it off for good at 10:10pm.

So long and thanks for all the fish…

We now have 71 users on this site. It’s a good number I think. I like to think of this as a block party. For block parties 71 people is quite a crowd. :slight_smile:

Most important of all, I see more people speaking up and fewer put-downs and darn right hostilities I sometimes saw on the old site. It’s been only a month so I better not jinx it…


We need cranky pessimists like Senseamp…keeps us on our toes…might have to make one up

Now now elt1, manch was just complementing us on how well we were all getting along.

Those who are skeptical about this realestateforums, remember this now.

This is almost start of this forum in 2016, almost 3 years completed. It looks like as if it started last year, so young !

It will continue to grow further !